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VogelRacing.com Releases New Website

ST. LOUIS, MO (December 14th, 2010) Christian and Grant Vogel have both seen success on the track throughout their racing career's. Vogel Racing's 2010 karting season is now coming to end and soon they will be gearing up for the 2011 season. In the meantime the karting team from St. Louis, MO is pleased to announce a continued partnership with Walters Web Design and together we have ...... Full Story


Vogel Racing Robo Pong Review

ST LOUIS, MO (October 21st, 2010) Vogel racing and Laukautis racing joined forces to take on the one of the most prestigious karting event in the United States.  Considering the speed and consistency the two senior drivers have demonstrated all year, with Mathew dominating the Yamaha class in the route 66 series and Christian finishing solidly in the top five all year in his first year as a senior driver, everyone thinks they have a good chance to place well.  The team opted to run on the Tony Kart ...... Full Story


Vogel Racing Robo Pong Preview

ST LOUIS, MO (October 8th, 2010) Vogel Racing driver Christian Vogel is teaming up with Mathew Laukaitis of Laukaitis racing. The two senior drivers have been running phenomenal all year and with consistent up front finishes, they were both in the running for a championship. The duo has opted to run the Tony Kart chassis and have entered by the team name “Teen Spirit”. The team ...... Full Story


Vogel Racing WKA Report from New Castle Motorsports Park

ST LOUIS, MO (September 29th, 2010) With a jam packed month of racing the team decided to go to the WKA national race at Newcastle.  Finally getting comfortable in the senior class Christian was excited about the upcoming race weekend.  The team came up the weekend before to compete in the Route 66 event, despite the drama between a fellow competitor of his, the weekend went well ...... Full Story


Vogel Racing Route 66 Report from New Castle Motorsports Park

ST LOUIS, MO (September 13th, 2010) Vogel racing found its way east to the New Castle Motorsports Park for the 4th and 5th round of the Route 66 Series.  With all drivers on the team in the points chase, we have been concentrating on consistent up front finishes.  Christian has been finishing solidly in the top 10 and in has recently broken into the top 5.  This being one of Christian’s favorite tracks ...... Full Story


Vogel Racing WKA Man Cup Race from Road America

ST LOUIS, MO (September 6th, 2010) Hello everyone, sorry for the extreme delay between reports, it’s been a very hectic past few weeks with racing and school starting there is no more free time. Since the last report the team has hit a few races, both national and regional. With this being a late report I’m going to attempt to make a collaboration of all weekends so I’ll try not ...... Full Story


Route 66 Race at Mid-State Kart Club

ST LOUIS, MO (May 3rd, 2010) It’s been a while since Vogel Racing could say this, but the racing season has officially begun.   The team has been watching Formula one religiously just to calm the urge to get back in the racing grove.  After our tune up weekend we only took a brief breather before we were on the road agian.  We hooked up the rig and headed out to Springfield Illinois for the first ...... Full Story


Vogel Racing Releases Off Season Report

ST LOUIS, MO (April 7th, 2010) Hello everyone, sorry for the delayed news but it’s been a hectic few years.  It is an exciting time for any racer in a cold region; It’s the end of winter!  After a long harsh winter the ground has thawed now we can go racing.  Winter is almost over and that means the race can begin.  It was torture to watch the racing down in Florida, but it gave us a glimpse of what the ...... Full Story